Meet Our Avanza Team

Our Experts Offer an Extensive Array of Industry Experience.

Victor Sanchez

Victor Sanchez, M.Sc.I.E.

Founder/CEO, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Microcontamination Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor Industry. Victor’s passion for Microcontamination led to establishing Avanza Technical Solutions. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Latin America and the USA providing Microcontamination Solutions and Contamination Investigative Services for some of the most prominent Semiconductor Companies in the world. Victor has successfully launched multiple startups in various technical fields addressing some of today’s most challenging environmental issues.
John Burghard

John Burghard, M.Sc.Chem

Chemical Analysis and Characterization
John A. Burghard is a highly experienced Analytic/Chemical/Clean Room R&D specialist with a deep passion for advising and managing micro-contaminant issues across a broad range of concentrations. His expertise encompasses conditions ranging from contaminants at percentage levels to parts per quadrillion. With a robust foundation in advanced micro-contamination, John boasts over 30 years of experience in various areas, including EPA, NIOSH, Mix Waste, Semiconductor, and Cleanroom Class 1, 10, 100, 1000, and 10000 failure and certifications.
May Tsou

Mei Tsou, B.Sc. E.E. (Cand.)

ESD Solutions
A dedicated and passionate electrical engineering student at Arizona State University (ASU), enrolled in the esteemed Fulton School of Engineering. Mei is currently on a fascinating trajectory, and privileged to have been mentored by a seasoned expert in the field of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) within the Semiconductor industry. This invaluable guidance has allowed Mei to delve into the intricate realm of ESD. Mei is experienced with hands-on expertise in ESD experiments, involving the assessment of ESD materials, ionization processes, and equipment. These practical experiences have not only deepened understanding of ESD, but have also honed Mei’s skills in creating solutions to combat the challenges it poses.

Art Madsen, B.A., M.Ed.

Asian Joint Ventures and Visiting Professor
Adjunct Professor of Management and Interim President of Transnational Research Associates, resides in Hong Kong where he collaborates on formation of joint ventures, import-export activity and technology transfer initiatives. His background encompasses more than 30 years in corporate management, technical writing, education and research. Art is currently contributing actively to ATS start-up ventures in Southeast Asia.
John Tang

John Tang, B.S.M.E

Cleanroom Mechanical System Design
Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager with over 20 years in cleanroom construction and mechanical air flow control. John’s pioneering use of finite element analysis for digital prototyping, has had a significant impact on the cleanroom industry. By implementing this cutting-edge technology, he has not only reduced the cost of fabricating physical prototypes but has also optimized the performance of cleanrooms by fine-tuning air flow control systems. This, in turn, has led to substantial reductions in electrical consumption, making cleanrooms more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Val Dubon, B.S.E.T

OSHA Safety Officer
OSHA certified safety manager with an extensive background in safety management and protection. Val has successfully implemented extensive safety programs in a variety of cleanroom and manufacturing environments. With invaluable safety and training expertise, Val has effectively developed and trained numerous safety personnel for a variety of safety roles.

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